A Counselor With Experience Helping Her Clients.

Word of mouth is a great way to find the right counselor and therapy method, but you might not know who to ask. Or you might have actually seen the therapist your friend or family member adored only to learn she or he just wasn’t the right fit for you.

Reading this website, including the FAQs, might help you determine how well you think we would work together but sometimes it’s helpful to hear another person’s opinion.

You will not find testimonials from past or current clients here. While I have many appreciative clients who offered to support me, it would jeopardize their confidentiality. Furthermore, the National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethic prohibits my soliciting testimonials from clients.

I will, however, share the kind words of other mental health professionals and people who have participated in various workshops I’ve offered.

Here’s what professional colleagues and workshop participants have to say about me.

Deirdre Staton constantly improves development and delivery of evidenced-based treatment for individuals with complex mental health treatment needs. I have had the privilege to work with her as co-facilitator of a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group for those with co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. I have directly observed her ability to set appropriate boundaries, validate those we serve, and be creative in developing highly effective interventions in the heat of the moment.

Deirdre Staton’s leadership, quiet good humor, and ability to think dialectically and without judgment inspire me. She has a deep understanding of the principles of validation and change and how to apply this in a way that helps people with complex problems create a life worth living.  Ms. Staton is constantly striving for excellence, has the highest ethical standards and personal integrity, and maintains fidelity to complex models of treatment

Deirdre, the world needs what you are here to teach!

Deirdre is a caring, knowledgeable and compassionate professional who teaches tools to enable a person to become more self-compassionate, as well as coping strategies to bring about a more centered sense of being.

Deirdre is authentic and open, warm, and willing to give and receive feedback that may be difficult to hear.  She is consistently caring and respectful in the way in which she approaches both clients and co-workers.  Having worked with her in a group, I have seen her become vulnerable and appropriately share her own struggles as she seeks to validate the member’s struggle and offer hope of resolution.  She is skillful, too, in requesting and shaping change, often using humor to connect and begin to move the other from her or his original position.

Deirdre is awesome!

Deirdre brought Brené Brown’s work to life. Her enthusiasm, knowledge of the material and sensitivities to the group’s needs made this a memorable experience.

Deirdre Staton has a natural gift for counseling and communication, especially in the area of validation. On a personal note, I have seen a new spark of energy in her since she began reviewing the teachings of Brené Brown. This excitement in combination with her already proficient skills makes her into a great leader for the Brené Brown trainings. I have taken a workshop she is leading on vulnerability, and I and everyone else in the training found it enlightening and rewarding. Deirdre Staton is one of the best counselors I’ve ever worked with. She definitely knows her stuff!

I am in awe of Deirdre’s ability to manage such diverse personalities so well.

Deirdre is a wonderful clinician and human being. I have learned so much from her warm spirit, leadership, and clinical experience. She has helped me to grow personally and professionally; and to push my clients towards change and personal growth. Deirdre is genuine and gifted in her approach with clients of various backgrounds.

I would highly recommend Deirdre as a workshop leader—she is very caring and compassionate and has knowledge and experience that adds to the journey through Brené Brown’s work.

As a co-worker of Deirdre’s, I have been inspired by her passion for both her personal and professional growth.  Since she began studying the work of Brené Brown, I have only seen this passion grow.  Deirdre not only embraces The Daring WayTM in her professional life, but also daringly practices these principles regularly in her own life.   She is both compassionate and warm in her style, yet willing to challenge others’ thoughts and behaviors that may be keeping them from the life they long for.   Her knowledge, skillfulness, and genuine care for those she works with make her an outstanding person to seek guidance from when trying to develop a more authentic and wholehearted life.

Deirdre does an awesome job. I love how she speaks!

Deirdre’s gentle, compassionate yet confident style made it easy to open mind and heart to the experience.