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Sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction
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What’s Your Focus for Therapy?

Welcoming the Seekers and the Bold…

You are here because you are looking for answers. You are seeking something different for your life and that fact makes you bold. You know plenty of people who seem content to go with the flow, do what’s expected, and not ask hard questions. But that’s not you. You want more. You want better. And there’s a part of you that believes it’s possible even if you’re not sure how to get it.

It may have been a gradual dawning or a sudden awareness but you have recognized that you want to have greater agency in your life. You are tired of feeling like unpleasant thoughts and painful emotions just happen to you and are beyond your control. You want to live with purpose and greater intention rather than simply reacting to whatever is going on inside or around you. Your inner wisdom tells you that there must be a way to more effectively navigate through life and so you are seeking answers, skills, strategies, and healing.

If you are ready to take the valiant step towards change and fulfillment, call or email me to arrange a free phone consultation.

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