The process begins with the foundational belief that we are all doing the best we can.

Deirdre Staton starts with you.

Your goals and dreams are unique. Listening deeply to you offers a guidepost of where you are and where you want to go. Deirdre focuses on the present and future, asking questions like: How do you define a life worth living? Your insights and stories allow for a comprehensive picture to emerge of what you want in life and how living bravely will serve you.

No two paths are the same.

While there is a distinct beginning, middle and end to a session, the therapeutic process itself does not travel a straight or linear path. You may find a simple progression toward health in one area of life while another may be more complicated. Deirdre honors your natural rhythms while creating space for growth you initiate intentionally.

Identifying your strengths helps get you where you want to go.

While getting to know you, Deirdre works with you to determine your strengths. This approach allows you to build on a foundation of success. When you learn to identify and draw on your natural talents and the skills you have already developed, you can chart your future course from a place of confidence.

Deirdre provides knowledge and tools to help you on your Daring Way™.

Your therapeutic experience will take you in many new directions while offering you fresh perspective on where you have been. Deirdre introduces you to new tools and skills at the right point along your path to give you the greatest benefit. In support of your growth efforts, the Daring Way™ provides immediately useful tools to help you move toward the life you want to lead.

Together, you determine the steps you feel ready to take.

The beauty of healing, growing, and progressing is in the journey with no wrong entrance and many opportunities to go deeper. As you work with Deirdre to show up bravely in your life, the two of you determine which steps to take and when. The “how” comes from the new tools and skills you have been practicing.

As you progress, Deirdre helps you process and check-in.

The complexity of the human experience offers a never-ending variety of situations to engage your mind, body, and spirit. As you engage in braver ways, Deirdre listens, encourages, supports, and guides you to process your experiences healthfully and for optimal benefit.

Are you ready to Live Brave?

Worthiness doesn’t have prerequisites. -Brené Brown